“I am Mr. Shaktivel(Stephen). I am myself. I have studied and learned, tried and failed and finally achieved success. Behind every success is a connected trail of failures. I am a Karate Teacher. I am the sum of my experiences fused into blood, flesh and bone. Life is my teacher and my experiences have been my lessons. And although


The School of Indian Karate is Affliated to Goshin Ryu Karate Federation of India, All India Karate - Do Federation (AIKF). It is also Recognised by Government of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports), Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Interntional Olympic Committee, All Goa Karate - Do Association, Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) & Goa Olympic Association (GOA).

The different stunts performed by Mr. A. Shaktivel(Stephen) are quite breathtaking. Click the hand below
This is a form of Karate made from Shotokan Karate and Double Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu. Click the hand below
In our Video Gallery Section Shakti is in action doing great stunts . Click the hand below and you will know.


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